#Where Potential Takes Off – Dave’s Story


“I wanted something more. I wanted to know what it felt like
running my own business and not having anyone to report to.”

It always starts with an inner desire, an inner drive and Davidson Abishegam, CEO
and Founder of KCOM Academy was no different when he was driven to leave the
comfort zone of a salaried employee to take the path less travelled in 2003.

No stranger to hard work, Dave as he is known, was already an industrious teenager,
working in a factory during school holidays and landed his first real job when he was
just 17. Barely ten years later, he bravely walked away from corporate slavery and
started OTS, a sole proprietorship.

Could you share a little about your very first company?

I started a small training company called OTS (a sole proprietorship) in 2003. It was a
home-based setup and it started with me being the only employee. After several
months, I hired 3 people who helped me in various aspects of the company. After 6
months, we moved to a proper office in Petaling Jaya. In 2006, KCOM (officially
registered as KCOM Management Sdn Bhd) was formed.

When and why did you start KCOM Academy?

KCOM Academy was started in 2014. Training is my passion as I have always loved
imparting knowledge. Being a trainer for almost 20 years, I decided that I wanted to
take KCOM Management to a higher level. Hence KCOM Academy was formed – to
take advantage of the latest technologies and marketing techniques. I wanted our
programs to have a broader audience so that anyone around the globe can benefit
from our programs, be it attending a live program, downloading a book or by
attending a webinar.

How did you gain the confidence to manage a company and lead people?

When you start off a new venture, everything is usually new. As you keep managing
the company and leading people, you will encounter a lot of ups and downs. As you
keep doing this, you gain experience and become a stronger person. This in turn helps
you gain confidence in the long run.

As a CEO and Trainer, I am sure you coach and mentor people on a daily basis, who
has been a significant coach/mentor to you?

I don’t have a specific coach or a mentor. Everyone around me, including employees
and customers, have helped build my character. Building on this experience, I use it to
help mentor and coach others along the way.

Do you think you have reached the limits of your own potential? Why?

There are always ways to improve what and how we do things. Hence my own
potential is far from being realised as I am constantly learning and improving in
trying to become a better person so that I can also influence / help others to do the
What would be the one piece of advice you would give others who are climbing the
corporate ladder or venturing out into entrepreneurship?

To gain leadership qualities that inspire and motivate, learn from the people that
work for and with you.

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