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#Where Potential Takes Off – Nicole’s Story

#Where Potential Takes Off – Nicole’s Story

“I just got to keep going and try to conquer the whole of Malaysia, including Brunei and Indonesia.”

Today we draw inspiration from a young mother of three precocious kids (including a pair of double-trouble twins) who on the outside looks every inch a pretty and soft-spoken young lady – which she is. But as they always say, don’t judge a book by its cover and it rings true where Nicole Rodrigues is concerned because beneath that gentle veneer is a woman who is as tough as nails and has a fiery determination to succeed in the business world.

If you frequent up-market bistros and cafes, chances are you would have spotted Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices on the beverage menu. Nicole is the CEO of Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices Sdn. Bhd, and holds exclusive distributor rights for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan.  In just 5 years, Nicole has managed to establish this Australian product as one of the most sought after juice brands in award-winning restaurants and renowned 5-star international hotel chains including Sunway Lagoon Resort and Spa, Genting Resort, Gastrodome Group of Restaurants and many more.

From 2011, Nicole through sheer hard work and grit, grew the number of outlets carrying the brand from 3 to 200 and it is still growing. If this was her only focus, it is already a tremendous achievement as she has built the brand purely through relationship marketing and very rarely through advertising. As she says “it was my determination to succeed” that has brought her to where she is today despite also running a graphic design business as well as a premium gifts and packaging business on top of running a household too.

If ever there was anyone who defines the term “super woman” it would be Nicole for her tenacity and perseverance in excelling in what she believes in. The ability to do this can only come from within once you know and believe in what you are capable of achieving.

Obviously the road to business success is never easy and one of her biggest challenges has and continues to be cash flow.

“It is so frustrating because at times the orders are so big that I can’t turn over fast enough. And even though I have approached banks with purchase orders as proof, they are really slow in assisting me to improve my cash flow to meet mounting orders,” laments Nicole.

However, this feisty business-woman doesn’t allow these hiccups to get her down for long.

“I just got to keep going and trying to conquer the whole of Malaysia, including Brunei and Indonesia.”

What sets Nicole apart from others who fall short of realising their potential is her mindset. She is a firm believer that whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. For most, this is easier said than done but for Nicole its “the burning desire that I have and my determination to make it happen” that is giving her the power to let her potential soar.

Her advice to all budding entrepreneurs, corporate climbers and generally anyone at all is to “know what you want and be totally determined to stand by that decision until you realise it.”


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