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#Where Potential Takes Off – Daniel’s Story

#Where Potential Takes Off – Daniel’s Story

Daniel Nilon is a brilliant scientist who works on energy research and explores a vast range of vibrational healing research through collaborations with scientists and healers around the world. His understanding of quantum vibrational healing allows him to explore alternative healing methods through radiant energy devices that he creates and demonstrates.

As one participant of his workshop says, “I have met many scholars over the decades talking about Tesla and windings of toroidal Rodin coils which use highly intelligent coding extracted from the invisible geometry of the ethers. I consider Dan Nilon to be the first free-thinking scientific enquirer who can share and demonstrate this “radiant energy”, making it visible and tangible for anyone to see and know.”

The scientific world came quite close to not knowing Daniel’s research on renewable and sustainable energy simply because his journey started on a farm in Australia where he studied for a degree in agriculture because farming was the family business. But Daniel knew where his potential lay and what his gifts are and he took massive action to unleash it. Including making some very hard decisions and leaving behind what was essentially his comfort zone.

Today, he is a successful entrepreneur who has artfully combined scientific research with keen business acumen. He has been an inspiration to many and continues to share, guide and enrich lives in his quest to live up to his potential and beyond.

But it wasn’t easy. It never is. (click on the video to hear Daniel’s message)

What separates those who soar from the ones who give up is that when they hit hard times, those who soar – bounce.

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