Effective Media Relation Strategies for the Company Spokesperson

The recent MH370 that went missing is a good reminder for us to take media relations and crisis communication seriously. The media can make or break any corporate organisation the way the news is written or slanted. Now, with social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs, businesses are more vulnerable to media attacks. For this reason, it is imperative that have your CEO (or any head) or company spokesperson (PR personnel) be well-trained to face the media.

Day 1 of this highly practical workshop. The Art of Facing the Media in a crisis is a skill and through practice and role plays in a mock press conference, your CEOs, leaders and PR personnel can master this art in overcoming any negative media on the organisation. Attending this hands-on course will benefit you to be more eloquent and professional in any press conference or interview.

Day 2 focuses on Writing Press Release and Statements that gets publicized and also getting free publicity for your organization. We will cover the art of writing a press release, which can be mastered through proper coaching and hands-on training. In this workshop you will get to learn the fine art of writing media statements that will get published or aired over the broadcast media.

Editors and reporters are always looking for news to fill up the blank pages when they start the day. If your press release is newsworthy it will be used. If not done properly, your press statement will be dumped into the bin. Most of all it depends on how you pitch the story. Publicity is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that builds credibility and to gain an edge, it is vital to build credibility through media publicity. This secret will be unveiled on day 2.

This two-day workshop will help participants to:

  • Understanding the Media.
  • How the Media Organization operates and their expectations.
  • How to ensure a successful media interview.
  • Media Interview Preparation and Actual Interview.
  • How to handle the media with ease and confidence while facing the media in a CRISIS press conference.
  • How to counter bad publicity and seize the opportunity to get good publicity.
  • How to use the media effectively by intelligently answering media queries.
  • How to angle (spin) the story to be in sync with your company’s mission and vision.
  • Gain experience in writing press releases that is newsworthy.
  • Understand how to write for your target audience.
  • Get coached on how the news media will relate to your press release.
  • Learn how to separate real news about your company from promotional puffery.
  • Learn how to deliver a sharp story angle that will interest the public.
  • Deliver news angle professionally.

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Date(s) - 24/05/2017 - 25/05/2017

Location: Brunei