Delivering World-Class Customer Service

While many companies promise an incredible customer experience, some are better at delivering them than others. The connection you build with all your customers must become memorable experiences in their mind and perception. You want to develop a customer hunger for your style of service and caring that brings them back again and again.
Customer service does not only apply to external customers. A company that has a good customer service approach will always focus on the internal customer as well, meaning everyone working in the company. For a complete experience, a product or service needs to be accompanied by world class customer service. Only when the two co-exist, will the experience be one to remember.
This two-day workshop entitled ‘Delivering world-class customer service’ was specifically designed for all staff for both the public and private sector. It will teach them the nuts and bolts of world-class customer service. Learning-by-doing is the key to this workshop. Rather than filling these 2 days with purely lecture-based content, the training will consist of many activities and role-plays that will effectively impart the relevant knowledge and skills needed to ensure that all your customers will experience world-class service.

This two-day workshop will help participants to:

  • Understand what world-class customer service means and how to get there
  • Understand the importance of attitude and first impressions
  • Apply the essential skills inherent to customer service
  • Solve customer related problems effectively
  • Handle complaints effectively
  • Understand and apply professional grooming and positive body language
  • Understand and Apply ‘magic phrases’ effectively

For more information, please contact us at: / (60) 39102 1021

Date(s) - 05/09/2017 - 06/09/2017

Location: Brunei