Practical Negotiation & Persuasion Skills

This programme covers practical negotiation and persuasion skills that Managers will apply to be effective in situations where agreements, acceptances or buy-in are required from different levels of stakeholders.

Participants will be taught a range of techniques on how to present the facts and influence stakeholders in getting approval for projects, winning support from colleagues or closing a business deal.

A step by step methodology in Persuasion & Negotiation will be introduced in this programme.

Examples, group discussion and case studies will be used in the programme.


Upon the completion of this programme, participants will know how to:

  • Use dierent negotiation and persuasion styles,
  • Identify the objectivity and focus of what and their position of negotiation,
  • Evaluate the other party’s position and needs and successfully negotiate,
  • Manage challenges such as conflicts, cozening and deadlocks.


  • Anyone who is interested in enhancing their negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Managers or Executives


The training methodology will include short lectures, activities, role-plays, discussions, presentations, games, brainstorming, ideas sharing with continuous evaluation and real time feedback.

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