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How HR Can Develop Winning KPIs

How HR Can Develop Winning KPIs

KPIs are literally at the core of performance measurement. Hate it or love it (depending on which side of the equation you are on!) KPIs are performance targets given to individuals and organisations to indicate how performance will be measured. It  requires the target (employees) to adapt to meet business situations so it is important that the KPIs  actually make sense to the workforce and they are able to see why certain indicators have been selected for measurement.

If and that is a big IF, the KPIs are clear and able to measure a specific aim, it will be one of the best performance measurement tools an organisation can rely on to achieve their goals and objectives.

Dr. Balan Dass will be facilitating a workshop on how to “Upskill Your Workforce Through Effective KPI Implementation” in Brunei on the 19th & 20th of May, 2015.  We have extended the registration period to accommodate the approval process of some organisations, however, it will be closing soon!

It will be a very practical workshop where you will get actual hands-on experience in developing the right set of indicators to measure and ultimately upskill your workforce. At the end of the day, what matters for your company is that it is on track to achieving its strategic goals. You can only do that if you are cultivating the right kind of workforce and measuring performance where it matters.

Don’t delay, submit your training request now. Download the brochure and registration form here.

You really wouldn’t want to miss Dr. Balan Dass! He holds a Ph.D in Adult and Continuing Professional Education and a Master in Education, majoring in Training & Development. He is one of the best facilitators for this topic and the workshop is your golden opportunity to pick his brain on a whole host of other HR & Training issues.


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